Harvest Blend Herbal Tea from Trader Joe’s

What would the fox say about this tea?

Harvest Blend Herbal Tea served

During the winter months, it’s all about the cold. I’m usually cold. I usually catch a cold. And well, according to the people I work with, I’m much more, echem, cold. My fix? Caffeine free tea. Keeps me hydrated, warm and more patient (less cold). Here’s one tea I’ve been pouring into my glass mug lately: Harvest Blend Herbal Tea from Trader Joe’s.

The packaging of Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea is aesthetically awesome. You cannot miss the yellow box and orange fox. Rhyme time?

The tea, however, isn’t packaged the best. Perhaps a tea connoisseur will say I’m wrong, but what’s up with stringless tea bags? I also prefer a tin canister like their Pumpkin Rooibos tea. Rolling up the bag of tea bags is a lot of work.

What about how it tastes? This tea tastes phenomenal, especially with honey. I would bust out fancy words like “aroma”, but I keep it simple. This Harvest Blend Herbal Tea is flavorful and delicious. When I drink it, I can taste:

  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Orange peel

And of course, it’s caffeine free, so it keeps me hydrated all day. For the last week, I have enjoyed a piping hot cup during my lunchtime walks with Lucy.

It’s called Harvest Blend Herbal Tea, but I call it Fox Tea.

Get some.

Useful tips for Harvest Blend Herbal Tea from Trader Joe’s

This is pretty standard tea-making procedure. But I did learn a few useful tips while making this Harvest Blend Herbal Tea.

Ah, the perils of an electric range. Don't do as I do. Putting a cardboard box and tea bag on the stove is a recipe for disaster.

Harvest Blend Herbal Teabags and open box on stovetop

Use a spoon to steep the tea and scoop the bag. I still prefer tea bags to have a string. Even if you end up using a spoon, a string still makes it easier to wring out the hot tea bag. What would the fox say about stringless tea bags?

Using a spoon to remove harvest blend herbal tea bag


Harvest Blend Herbal Tea from Trader Joe’s

Harvest Blend Herbal Tea from Trader Joe’s

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Harvest Blend Herbal Tea -- Super flavorful, caffeine-free tea.


  • Harvest Blend Herbal Tea - 1 bag
  • piping hot water - 1 cup
  • honey - 1 tbsp
  • stevia - a little bit


  1. Place tea bag into mug.
  2. Pour piping hot water into mug.
  3. Add rest of ingredients (cinnamon or ginger would also be good).
  4. Steep for a few minutes.
  5. Drink.
  6. Be warm, hydrated and happy.
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      Yessir. It’s a joke how much of this stuff I’ve been drinking lately. At least 4 piping hot cups per day.

      My favorite part is the last few sips. Honey-filled, luke-warm, and super saturated with spice.

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