Maple Pecan Nut Butter

Maple Pecan Nut Butter

Maple Pecan Nut Butter

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An easy and seasonal nut butter that's ready in minutes.

Maple Syrup, Peanuts, Pecans,


  • pecans - 2 cups
  • peanuts - 1 cup
  • maple syrup - 5 Tbsp.



  1. Toast the pecans on a hot skillet for a few minutes
  2. You’ll know they are done when you can smell them and they “sweat”


  1. Add all ingredients into Vitamix container
  2. Ramp from variable speed 1 to 10
  3. Blend on HIGH for 2 minutes
  4. Use the tamper to push ingredients from corners into the blade
  5. Check texture for smoothness
  6. If not smooth enough, blend for another 2 minutes
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until satisfied
  8. Snap a pic and tag #lifeisNOYOKE
  9. Enjoy!

Useful tips for Maple Pecan Nut Butter

If someone in your house has a peanut allergy, sub cashews for peanuts.

Buy the freshest pecans you can. The nut butter will taste better if they haven’t been sitting in your pantry for a year.

If you don’t have time to toast the nuts, skip it. They have enough natural oils to still make a smooth nut butter, just less of a toasted flavor.

Bonus: makes an excellent peanut butter and jelly!

Maple pecan nut butter with jam on an English muffin.