Let’s Talk Baby Food Purees

Let’s Talk Baby Food Purees

Let’s Talk Baby Food Purees

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Baby food purees in a blender


  • peas - one bag frozen
  • asparagus - one bunch, fresh
  • sweet potatoes - 3, peeled
  • pears - 3, cored
  • carrots - 3 large carrots
  • apples - 3, cored
  • beans - 3 cups
  • corn - 3 cups
  • squash - 3 cups


  1. Pick one ingredient.
  2. Peal and seed it.
  3. Steam it.
  4. Blend it.
  5. Pour into an ice cube tray.
  6. Store in freezer for up to three months.
  7. Defrost overnight in refrigerator before serving.

NOTE: This “recipe” is adapted from this baby food puree instructional on the US Vitamix site.

Useful tips for Let’s Talk Baby Food Purees

Here’s a summary of tips for making baby food purees from the convo above:

  • Embrace the cost savings. They’re significant.
  • Steam, first. Use the “sweat” in the blend to maximize nutrients.
  • Use ice trays to freeze the baby food overnight.
  • Pop cubes into a plastic bag and label.
  • Pluck food from freezer for next day the night before.
  • Don’t worry about exposing baby to every food on the planet.
  • Enjoy the precious moments. It flies by.