Green Juice

Green Juice

Green Juice

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Magic green juice for your daily routine

Apple, Banana, Ginger, Jalapeno, Kale, Orange,


  • water - 4 cups
  • apple - one whole, cored
  • banana - one whole, peeled
  • orange - one whole, peeled
  • greens - a hearty handful (kale or spinach or collard greens or all)
  • ginger root - thumb-sized piece
  • lemon - garnish sized piece
  • seeds - 1 Tbsp. (chia or flax or both)
  • ice - 3 cups
  • (optional) hot pepper - a small piece


  1. Grab your Vitamix container.
  2. Add water.
  3. Add fruit (orange, apple, banana).
  4. Add lemon.
  5. Add ginger.
  6. Add hot pepper.
  7. Add greens.
  8. Add ice on top.
  9. Blend on High for 90 seconds.
  10. Pour and enjoy.
  11. Be sure to tag #lifeisNOYOKE to show us what you made!

This green juice recipe is designed for a 64 oz container. If you’re using a smaller container, adjust proportionately.

Useful tips for Green Juice

Your green juice will last in the refrigerator for a couple of days. If it’s separated at all, just give it a little shake.

Make a giant batch. Any extra can go into a jar for later.

You do not need to peel the ginger if you’re using a Vitamix. Just be sure it’s rinsed.

You can leave the lemon peel on. Just be sure it’s rinsed.

Most of the heat inside hot peppers is in the seeds. Use more or less as desired.

As mentioned above, this is the basic formula for green juice. Feel free to add or subtract as you like.

The order in which you add ingredients matters. Liquid, fruit, greens, then ice on top. 🙂