Chickpea Cookie Dough

Chickpea Cookie Dough

Chickpea Cookie Dough

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Gluten free, dairy free choc chip cookie dough you can eat with a spoon.


  • almond butter - 1/3 cup (82 g)
  • chickpeas (drained) - 1 15 oz can (425 g)
  • vanilla - 2 tsp. (10 mL)
  • coconut sugar - 1 Tbsp. (14 g)
  • salt - pinch
  • vegan choc chips - 1/3 cup (60 g)



  1. Add all ingredients (other than choc chips) to your Vitamix container
  2. Blend on high for 1-2 min using the tamper to push ingredients into the blade
  3. Stop when dough-like consistency is achieved


  1. Put blended mixture into whatever you plan to serve in
  2. Place that container in the fridge for 30 min
  3. Stir in choc chips
  4. Serve with one of our suggestions above
  5. Snap a pic and tag #lifeisNOYOKE
  6. Enjoy!

Useful tips for Chickpea Cookie Dough

If you don’t have almond butter you can make some or use cashew/peanut butter instead.

The darker color is due to us roasting our own almonds to make almond butter. If you’re feeding this to children or picky eaters, you may want to use cashew butter. The more it looks like cookie dough, the more it tastes like it!

Serving suggestions:

  • Dipped with fruit
  • Spread on graham crackers
  • Chunked and mixed into banana ice cream
  • Scooped into PB cup-like creations
  • Rolled into balls and frozen
  • As the middles of “cake” pops
  • On a spoon!

Frozen chickpea cookie dough balls.