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Vitamix Promotion Code 06-007938 is active. Last verified on August 28, 2015.
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Vitamix Pro 750, eligible for free shipping with promotion code.

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Vitamix gives us the latest promotion code. It assures you best pricing online. Plus, this discount offer gets you FREE shipping (up to $25/35 CAN) and some small gifts from Life is NOYOKE.

Use any secure activation link to apply the promo code.


Q: I am thinking about getting a refurbished one in that category. You recommend that?

-Connie H.

Yes. If I was on a budget. But there are other things you might want to consider first… Read more from the NOYOKE Vitamix Guide »»

Q: I’m a health conscious, active, vegetarian woman. I’m careful about what I put into my body. I’m also careful how I spend my money. Does your Vitamix promotion code really assure best price?

-Sue I., Vancouver, BC

Yes, you’re assured best pricing. Plus, you get free US shipping (or $35 off to Canada).

Q: Thanks for your Vitamix Promotion Code! I would like to get a Vitamix for our family. Could you pick the one you think makes the most sense for us? 

-Ben F., Cincinnati, OH

I understand your pain. I published a piece that has helped many folks decide… Read more »»



My Favorite Vitamix Recipes


Vitamix Doesn't Do Coupons

Vitamix doesn’t give coupons. They are like Apple. They won’t compromise their products.

Coupon hunters should pick a free shipping code from a certified affiliate of their choice.

How to Use the Vitamix Promotion Code

USE 06-007938 (click or call)

Apply at and enter the code at check out. Promo code gets you free shipping. Saves you up to $25 (35 CAN).

By phone. Call 1-800-848-2649. Just mention you have the Life is NOYOKE affiliate code 06-007938.



Yes, I make some money from links out. What does that mean? I appreciate your support. Shopping via out links is like buying from Life is NOYOKE. What’s more, my secure Vitamix links assure you best pricing online. Plus you get free shipping.

Beyond referral fees, I’m not paid to promote products. And I never will be. My reviews are way too honest. Just ask my dog Lucille. :)

Vitamix Promotion Code 06-007938 is active. Last verified on August 28, 2015.
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