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Calcium Clarified (8 things you ought to know)

When you mention a calcium deficiency, people freak out. Why? Most people associate calcium with bone strength. Without enough, your bones break. And it gets »»
Flowers (pictured) are great gifts.

The Gifts You’ll Get When You Buy Your Vitamix (through Life is NOYOKE)

When you get a Vitamix, I want to give you gifts. Yay. Let’s walk through what you’ll get. But first, here’s a super fast summary. »»
shalva cake no trans fat

7 Reasons to Love the News About Trans Fat

It’s in your peanut butter. It’s in your frosting. It’s in your Chex Mix. It’s trans fat and it’s everywhere. But, not for long! Trans »»
Grapes, some lovely organic produce.

The Simplest System for Buying Organic Produce

On a car ride recently, my buddy told me he wanted to focus the next four weeks on getting a lean body. Great! His first »»
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What I'm Eating Lately

Cashew queso served

Cashew Queso

This cashew queso recipe is so good I could write a song about it. But I think that would be too cheesy. Seriously though, it's dairy-free, gluten-free, and easy as heck to make. »»
Avocado egg white omelet 750

Avocado Egg White Omelet

Avocado egg white omelet is a go-to for me. This egg white omelet recipe is incredibly simple and incredibly good. Make it yourself now. So easy. »»