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Vitamix 7500 and 5200-1-2

Which Vitamix to Buy

How to find the Vitamix you’ll LOVE If you’re trying to figure out which Vitamix to buy, I’ve got good news. First of all, you’re »»
channeling addiction by running

How to get what you want by channeling addiction

You may not have an addictive personality. (Last week’s post about getting on the scale showed I certainly do.) But everybody has something on which »»
Lenny Gale thinking about doing a marathon.

7 things to consider when thinking about doing a marathon

Let’s begin this marathon post like any good article: Establish credibility. Spark interest. Provide incentive to continue reading. Okay, here we go. I’ve never run »»
lenny gale on scale

How to lose 8.5lbs (and your mind) in 26 hours

Any nutrition or health coach will tell you: Don’t step foot on a scale. Whether the number you see is “good” or “bad”, you’ll: Lose »»
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What I'm Eating Lately

Cashew queso served

Cashew Queso

This cashew queso recipe is so good I could write a song about it. But I think that would be too cheesy. Seriously though, it's dairy-free, gluten-free, and easy as heck to make. »»
Avocado egg white omelet 750

Avocado Egg White Omelet

Avocado egg white omelet is a go-to for me. This egg white omelet recipe is incredibly simple and incredibly good. Make it yourself now. So easy. »»