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Contagious behavior Uggs

Drinking, spitting and Uggs: How understanding contagious behavior makes getting a lean body 3x easier

Every winter the flu goes around. Why? It’s contagious. No matter how hard you try, when you’re around people with the flu, you’re bound to get »»
Lenny Gale picking from six

Meal planning

How to find a meal plan that will make you 1,000% more likely to get a lean body I’ve never been good at meal planning. »»
12 jars of grandmas pickles

Grandma’s Pickles

Grandma’s house always had a distinct smell. No, it wasn’t that classic “grandma smell.” It was THESE pickles. Grandma’s pickles. The best pickles on the… »»
Lenny Gale reviewing the Vitamix S30

Review: Vitamix S30

The Vitamix S30 brings the “Cadillac of blenders” into the personal blending world. Its unique design makes it an interesting subject for comparison. Today, it retails… »»
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What I'm Eating Lately

Buffalo Turkey Burgers Served

Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Oh, the evolution of these buffalo turkey burgers. OMG Kitchen found the recipe but removed the cheese. I found them and removed the bread. Sound like the making of a Led Zeppelin song?  »»
Avocado egg white omelet 750

Avocado Egg White Omelet

Avocado egg white omelet is a go-to for me. This egg white omelet recipe is incredibly simple and incredibly good. Make it yourself now. So easy. »»