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Poolside salad in white serving bowl

Poolside Salad

The salad that's light, refreshing, yet filling-enough to feed a hungry dude. I call it the Poolside Salad. Why? There's no better salad for a day of sun and fun. »»
Starting to Slice bell peppers

Slice Bell Pepper

I had no clue how to slice bell pepper: No seeds? No bloody fingers? Bell peppers used to intimidate me. I had no clue how to slice one. Seeds? Safe fingers? »»
Buffalo Turkey Burgers Served

Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Oh, the evolution of these buffalo turkey burgers. OMG Kitchen found the recipe but removed the cheese. I found them and removed the bread. Sound like the making of a Led Zeppelin song?  »»
Cashews up close-1


Why cashews are not too fatty and how to avoid eating them by the handful.  »»

What I'm Eating Lately

Chiberia Chiller

Chiberia chiller

It seemed like the winter that would never end. Mountains of snow. Non-stop wind. Frigid temps (thank you, Polar Vortex). To stay happy, healthy and… »»
Avocado egg white omelet 750

Avocado Egg White Omelet

Avocado egg white omelet is a go-to for me. This egg white omelet recipe is incredibly simple and incredibly good. Make it yourself now. So easy. »»